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Mar 31, 06:50 PM by SanderFocus

'Moiré self-portrait' by Ben Kelley
Ben Kelley

'Leaving' by Nicolas Sassoon

'Until the end' by Nicolas Sassoon
Nicolas Sassoon

'bitmap selfportrait with sun' by Robert Wodzinski
Robert Wodzinski

Dominoportrait of Charlie Chaplin by Ken Knowlton
Ken Knowlton (via)

'Nude 1' by Felipe Cama
Felipe Cama

Mugs by Tomby

Mugs by Tomby

illustrations for the December issue of Sports Illustrated Kids by Tomby

'Linda' by Svartkejsare

'Pixel faces' by TGB Design
TGB Design

'Computer Sketch' by Hollis Brown Thornton
Hollis Brown Thornton



Truly amazing and inspirational work. This is the type of pixel art we need more of in the world. Great post!

enso,  7.04.10  [link]

Nice work ! All is good ! My favorite is Felipe Cama’s picture. More pictures on ‘Google Images Felipe Cama’

jikoo, 20.04.10  [link]


zzzz, 20.09.10  [link]


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